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About Recalibrate Your Life

About Recalibrate Your Life

I am Dr. Cheryl Williams-Jackson the Founder and CEO of WJ Developmental. Recalibrate Your Life is a virtual mental wellness center. We offer workshops and groups that center around addressing mind, body, and spirit wellness. 

Dr. Cheryl is an educator and mental health specialist. She has a doctorate in clinical psychology and served as a mental health therapist and an educator. 

The Recalibrate Your Life focuses on providing preventative services that support wellness in your life every day. Self-care and wellness management have to take place daily. And if a change is something you seek, we provide the opportunity to support you in the incremental changes that lead to transformations.

Why You Should Join Us

Are you seeking a greater sense of calm and inner peace? How about improvements in relationships? Want to learn what works for your specific needs? Recalibrate Your Life goes beyond self-awareness building to supporting transformational changes through small incremental steps by addressing several domains of life.

Recalibrate Your Life means all aspects of your life - your well-being, career change, family, friends, etc. Life is a rollercoaster. For some, it can lead to a drifting off course.  So, as the navigators of our own lives, we periodically need to review our point of reference and recalibrate our lives.


We have offerings that are online and face-to-face. Our face-to-face workshops and groups are greatly reduced temporarily but will resume soon.

We offer the Recalibrate Your Life courses and specialized courses to enhance your well-being and desire for self-development. To start, join the free "Intentional Self-Care Journey" course. Join us and stay up-to-date on the opportunities to recalibrate. 
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